Person and pet thoughts and prayers. ETA: yup.

ETA: Yup. It has spread to her lungs. Her heart and breath rate is actually fine and the local vet (3-4 blocks away) actually told me what a dangerous rate was so I can look out for that. She hasn't lost much weight and the suture reaction limp sumps on her chest are just that. But yeah. The bad news from the chest… » 10/30/14 7:50pm 10/30/14 7:50pm

All of my Fuck it Friday GIFS (actually half of them)

You might not have been here in the pre Rebecca Rose, full on Burt time but she'd post the Fuck It Friday posts at the perfect time for me so I'd try to post a GIF in reply to each person (because it sucks to not get replies). Since the change, I haven't been doing that and now with NO COMMENT GIFS AT ALL, I feel we… » 8/15/14 12:20pm 8/15/14 12:20pm

And that is wonderful. I'm alive as well with the help of medication and my dog (and a therapist). But we deserve more than to be simply alive. That's all many psych wards do is get you past crisis to solve the problem of "I'm going to kill myself." But that's not the problem. As you know, it's deeper and trickier… » 8/11/14 11:51pm 8/11/14 11:51pm

You had to care about Chicago tonight?

It's the wrong night for me and the violence in Chicago post. Icky day inside my head so I've cracked into the Idols of Inebriation which makes me unable to post witty or insightful responses to people's comments full of bull shit who won't do anything about the problem in my city inbetween RIGHT NOW and when the next… » 7/11/14 8:29pm 7/11/14 8:29pm