And that is wonderful. I'm alive as well with the help of medication and my dog (and a therapist). But we deserve more than to be simply alive. That's all many psych wards do is get you past crisis to solve the problem of "I'm going to kill myself." But that's not the problem. As you know, it's deeper and trickier… »8/11/14 11:51pm8/11/14 11:51pm

I have been reading Jezebel and its sub-blogs for the past several months, and, although I opened a Kinja account a while ago, this is the first time I am actually writing a comment. I have been waiting for a post in which my perspective could add something meaningful to the discussion, and I have found it in this… »5/23/14 5:23pm5/23/14 5:23pm

Dude, I could talk to you about this on a personal level and be encouraging and shit but you're not approaching it that way. You say you're a student of comedy and then misspell improv (fix that please). Then you use a blog to reference George Carlin? No performance citation or one of his countless books? »5/23/14 1:53am5/23/14 1:53am